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03.12.2015 | 12:18
NAME: CYANBAAL | WEB: www.cyanbaal.de

Hallo Jan!

Vielen Dank für die super Zusammenarbeit. Mixing und Mastering sind super und ich freue mich schon aus nächste Mal. Das Tempo mit dem Du arbeitest möchte ich auch noch hervorheben. Hammer!

Patrick/ Cyanbaal

08.10.2015 | 07:13
NAME: THE PHYSICISTS | WEB: thephysicists.wix.com/the-physicists

Hi Jan!! The Physicists "My love is dead" album is finally published, out on the market, in the open, spreading through the globe, judged by the reviewers and what else!! The scienceward thanks you for the hard work and effort you put on our case. We did something special here!! Here is a videolink containing 3 of the pieces, if you´d like to take a look: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KNP95kALhd0
22.08.2015 | 05:33
NAME: SEVER THE REALITY | WEB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Sever-The-Reality/1

I had a most great experience to work with you Jan, for sure you are a master of masters!
Thanks for mixing and mastering of "Lectro Colors". Much respect for you, I am forever grateful!

Sever The Reality
24.06.2015 | 18:15

Jan`s master work on the REDUX of the debut album Deus ex machina really brought it to life. Awesome and extremely quick!
31.05.2015 | 21:56
NAME: ANGSTSYSTEM | WEB: angstsystem.de

Hi Jan,

Thank you for the awesome mastering of "WaidmannsHeil"! I will keep working with you :-)

Noch ein paar deutsche Worte:
"WaidmannsHeil" ist großartig geworden! Im Club lief schon der erste Track. Deine Arbeit ging super fix und die Leistung ist absolut top! :-) Da werde ich definitiv Stammkunde.
Beste Grüße,
30.05.2015 | 21:59
NAME: SHORT AND CRUNCH | WEB: shortandcrunch.de

Hey Jan,

vielen Dank für das geniale Mastering und die Zusammenarbeit an unserem Debüt Album "Blutschwur". Wir hatten dir 2 Wochen Zeit gegeben und waren schon nach 2 Tagen fertig. Absolut heftig! Schneller gehts nun wirklich nicht. :)

Dunkle Grüße aus Berlin wünschen dir
Short and Crunch - Kevin und Marco

01.05.2015 | 11:54
NAME: MACHINE ROX | WEB: www.machinerox.com

16.03.2015 | 22:20
NAME: 00TZ 00TZ | WEB: www.00tz00tz.com/

Hey Jan,

You are the Man! Thank you for doing such a great job Mastering our new album "Poisoned Minds and Broken Hearts". We appropriate your great work & talent.

-Nicky & Krysta
00tz 00tz
10.03.2015 | 03:26
NAME: VAIN MACHINE | WEB: www.vainmachine.com

Jan is the shit! Highly recommended!
29.12.2014 | 21:02
NAME: BLACKEST LIGHT | WEB: blackest-light.de

Sehr schöne Zusammenarbeit - Super Ergebnis und überschnell.
Vielen Dank. Bis zum nächsten Mal (:

19.12.2014 | 02:25
NAME: MORDACIOUS | WEB: www.mordacious.com

Awesome mastering, very professional, and worked fast with great results.
Highly recommended and reasonable pricing.

09.10.2014 | 11:57
NAME: XPERIMENT XIII | WEB: xperimentxiii.com

Hi Jan

Thank you for the amazing mastering done for the Wicked Trax Compilation CD and also the album Birth of the Betrayer by Sarcophagic. You made the music stand out without making the levels peek and did a wonderful job bringing out individual sounds within each track. Truly talented and I hope to work with you on future releases for my label Xperiment XIII.

Regards Clive Rae
03.10.2014 | 04:10
NAME: SHORT&CRUNCH,MARCO | WEB: shortandcrunch.de/

Hi Jan,
wir freuen uns schon auf die Zusammenarbeit mit dir und sind gespannt auf die Geburt unseres Babys;):D

Grüße aus Berlin Kevin und Marco
15.09.2014 | 23:31
NAME: COME IN PEACE | WEB: www.comeinpeace.de

Hai Jan, danke fuer das geile Mastering...wenn das mal nicht zuegig war :-)

04.08.2014 | 01:32
NAME: GAMMA10 | WEB: www.facebook.com/Gamma10.project

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the awesome mixing and mastering of my new songs "Wish" and "Before Midnight". I am very satisfied with the result! The communication and turn-around time were excellent, it has been a pleasure working with you.

All the best,

16.07.2014 | 18:21
NAME: CIRCUITO CERRADO | WEB: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Circuito-Cerrado/24

HI JAN,,,just wanted to say thanx for such great work as usual,,,definitly this side-project (c-lekktor) we will keep working with you =) gracias
13.03.2014 | 13:56
NAME: PSY'AVIAH | WEB: www.facebook.com/psyaviah

Thx for the awesome mixing & mastering job on the track "Before I Die"! Really satisfied with the fluent way of working & exchaning ideas & feedback. Happy with the BOOMING result!
19.02.2014 | 17:42
NAME: MASSIVE EGO | WEB: www.massiveego.co.uk

Great mastering Jan, many thanks for making our new EP tracks MASSIVE, can't wait to un-leash them. Will be back again in the near future. All the best from London UK.
03.02.2014 | 15:00
NAME: CELLHAVOC | WEB: facebook.com/cellhavoc

Awesome mastering work! Thank you very much!
23.01.2014 | 22:36
NAME: HELL:SECTOR | WEB: facebook.com/hellsector

Cheers Jan!
Thanks for a great job on mixing and mastering the Hell:Sector EP "the Rise of the Apocalypse".
You made it sound killer and have given some great advice for future productions. Hell:Sector will be back for more mixing and mastering as soon as more songs are ready!
05.12.2013 | 02:15
NAME: [PRODUCT] | WEB: www.productpdx.com

Jan has done an amazing job once again for the second full length [product] album! I had some mixing issues with a few of the tracks and he really helped me work through them and the end result has been more than I could ask for!

21.10.2013 | 17:52
NAME: C-LEKKTOR | WEB: www.facebook.com/Clekktor

One more time i want to thank you for the great work on the new cd
definitly love the sound =)

for sure we will keep working with you on next releases ;)

15.10.2013 | 05:53
NAME: SUBLIMINAL CODE | WEB: https://www.facebook.com/SubliminalCode

Thanks to bro for doing a great job , impeccable, we are very grateful
for the awesome work on Karma In Mortem .

Greetings from venezuela :-) !
Raul Jose Padron , Raul Junior Padron , Gino teruya
03.05.2013 | 18:33
NAME: WYCHDOKTOR | WEB: www.facebook.com/wychdoktor

Hey Jan,
Thanks for the awesome mastering work!
Looking forward to working with you again in the future,

16.01.2013 | 01:27
NAME: GOTHIKA | WEB: www.facebook.com/gothikatokyo

Dear Jan,

Thank you very much for your fantastic works!
You made our album "YOMI" so gorgeous :))

Best Wishes
12.12.2012 | 19:01
NAME: DISTORTED WORLD | WEB: distorted-world.com

Hi Jan
Thanks a lot for your work, sounds super!

28.11.2012 | 21:29
NAME: NEOKLIN | WEB: www.neoklin.de

Hey MR.XMP!!!

Vielen, Vielen Dank für dein 1a Mastering für unsere EP!!!!
Sehr netter Kontakt, schneller Service! Daumen Hoch!
Gerne wieder!!!


Martin, Sven, Klinge

22.09.2012 | 11:23
NAME: DEN.C.T.BUG | WEB: www.denctbug.de

hi jan.

thanks for the powerful mixing / mastering of our new song, it's really awesome. please be sure that we will contact you also for our next songs.... :)

stay tuned, markus

18.08.2012 | 12:36
NAME: INCUBITE | WEB: www.incubite.com

Hey Jan,

brilliant work as always.

Thank you very, very much!!

25.05.2012 | 08:56
NAME: RETCONSTRUCT | WEB: www.retconstruct.com


Thanks again for the excellent remix as well as the mixing and mastering work for my latest remix. You always do inspiring work and I am looking forward to working with you again for our upcoming EP and album.

Best Regards,

Guy Valdes
24.05.2012 | 00:04
NAME: NITRO/NOISE | WEB: www.nitronoisemusic.com

Hey Jan thanks again for your always fast and perfect job. Also for the awesome remix you did for Synchronised Beat Fuck ! We'll surely work with you again komrade.


07.04.2012 | 17:47
NAME: NAKED TEARS | WEB: nakedtears.bandcamp.com/

Hi Jan,
wonderful job,a pleasure to work with u, in such good conditions
What a powerful and precise sound,really no need to look for another studio...
Let' s work on the whole album now..!

06.04.2012 | 04:20
NAME: DEATH OF SELF | WEB: www.death0fself.com

Thanks again Jan, it sounds awesome!

31.03.2012 | 07:55
NAME: REAXION GUERRILLA | WEB: www.facebook.com/Reaxion.Guerrilla.Pe

Thank you again for the amazing mastering of "KruziFuck Me", "I Hate you" and "I Hate you too", we are currently working on a new album and the re-edition of our first demo as soon is done we will contact you, It's always a pleasure to work with you and the results are always the best.


26.03.2012 | 11:27
NAME: [X]-RX | WEB: www.facebook.com/XRxmusic

Hey jan :)

Thank you for the awesome mastering !!!
Best regards Pascal

24.03.2012 | 12:33
NAME: NIGHTMARE OF CAIN | WEB: www.facebook.com/NightmareofCain

Hi Jan,

thank you for this very great mix and master of the new album "Tanz in den Untergang". It's nice clear and fat. ;-) I will recommend you.

Best regards,
20.02.2012 | 08:55
NAME: DISKONNEKTED | WEB: www.diskonnekted.com

Thank you Jan for a swift, fast and solid production!
Deep and explosive!
Great job!
07.02.2012 | 17:27
NAME: C-LEKKTOR | WEB: www.clekktor.com

hi jan

thanx a lot for the excellent work for the new album
"X-TENSION IN PROGRESS" definitly we are going to work again with
in a near future ;),,you make my music "PROUD AND LOUD"


04.02.2012 | 19:37
NAME: DEATH OF SELF | WEB: www.death0fself.com

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the once again quick and awesome work!

02.02.2012 | 00:38
NAME: RETCONSTRUCT | WEB: www.retconstruct.com

Hello Jan,

It was a pleasure working on Dear Doomsday with you. Your ability to take our songs and make them powerful, pounding and clear was very inspiring. You turned our songs from little imps to full-grown demons! Your feedback, advice and best of all motivation and encouragement was highly valued.

Looking forward to working with you again on our next album!!!


Guy "Synthetics" Valdes
San Jose, CA.
24.01.2012 | 17:45
NAME: RAVE THE REQVIEM | WEB: www.ravethereqviem.com

Hi Jan!

Thanx for the mixing and mastering, and for making the sounds explode in the listeners' ears! You are not only an amazing sound engineer, but also a very nice person who made the working process very comfortable!

I will definitely work with you again!

Best regards
Filip (Rave The Reqviem)
21.01.2012 | 09:43
NAME: PHOSGORE | WEB: www.phosgore.de

thx again for the superb mastering of "We are the Weapon"...

19.01.2012 | 18:47
NAME: LSD PROJECT | WEB: www.lsdproject.com

Hi Jan,

Thanks for the mastering!Perfect!


Lex Noxell
18.01.2012 | 11:20
NAME: FREAKANGEL | WEB: www.freakangel.org

Jan makes vaginas wet! :)
Pro job as always!
17.01.2012 | 16:50
NAME: DIE BRAUT | WEB: www.myspace.com/diebrautproject

Hey Jan:

Sorry for the long delay, but we want to say: THANK YOU VERY MUCH, for the great job with our album PSYCHOTHERAPY, it sounds really amazing and professional, so, will be till the next job !

greetings from Chile, Katia y Cristián
17.01.2012 | 15:51
NAME: DSTB | WEB: coming soon

Hi Jan,
amazing job,so pro but also and above all so musical...
a pleasure to work with you
See u soon
11.10.2011 | 10:54
NAME: KOMMAND+KONTROL | WEB: www.facebook.com/pages/KommandKontrol/11147

Cheers Jan - mastered tracks sound awesome!!

Catch up soon.

09.10.2011 | 21:23
NAME: PHOSGORE | WEB: www.phosgore.de

Hi Jan,

wieder mal sehr gute Arbeit beim Mastering von "Warhead". Dynamischer und druckvoller Sound... so soll das sein! Nächstes Mal gerne wieder!

04.10.2011 | 22:33
NAME: PSY'AVIAH | WEB: www.psyaviah.com

Hey Jan,

Thanks for the quick & fast work on "Introspection ~ Extrospection" and "Retrospection". I also appreciate the good fluent communication and the work we've done before the actual mastering. And ofcourse, we're happy with the more than decent mastering, we love it.

Yves from PSY'AVIAH
15.09.2011 | 12:59
NAME: [:SITD:] | WEB: www.sitd.de

Hi Jan,

vielen Dank für Deinen großartigen Mastering-Job bei unserem neuen Album "ICON:KORU". Wir sind vollends glücklich und zufrieden... so wie immer ;-) Bis bald!

Greetz & best wishes
06.09.2011 | 22:58
NAME: NIGHTMARE OF CAIN | WEB: www.facebook.com/pages/Nightmare-of-Cain/20

Hey Jan,

vielen Dank für das ziemlich gut gelungene Master meiner Single "Schwarze Witwe" und die tolle und schnelle Zusammenarbeit! Ich werde bei weiteren Projekten gerne wieder auf dich zurück kommen!

17.08.2011 | 08:23
NAME: DE_TOT_COR | WEB: musicadetotcor.blogspot.com

Hallo Jan!

Thank you very much for your work on the mastering of the new DE_TOT_COR album "Gothic light". Greetz to Essen!

10.08.2011 | 17:35
NAME: STAHLFREQUENZ | WEB: http://www.myspace.com/sfrequenz

Hiermit möchten wir uns recht herzlich für die nette und gute Zusammenarbeit bedanken!
Alles Gute und bis bald,
25.07.2011 | 19:56
NAME: TUECHTERS LETZTES GEFECHT | WEB: www.myspace.com/tuechtersletztesgefecht

Netter Kontakt!Tolle Arbeit!Muss nun endlich nicht mehr weitersuchen für einen amtlichen Sound!
Kann ich bedenkenlos weiterempfehlen!


Tuechters Letztes Gefecht
20.07.2011 | 10:36

Hi Jan,

es ist Zeit Danke zu sagen für die coole Zusammenarbeit mit Dir. Ich denke das Album wäre halb so gut geworden wenn es jemand anderes gemixt und gemastert hätte. Ich hab zu Danken und werde auch in Zukunft meine Tracks bei XMP machen lassen. Mach weiter so! ;-)
12.07.2011 | 23:01
NAME: PSY'AVIAH | WEB: www.psyaviah.com

Thanks for the cool danceable remix of our track SOS Overdose!
12.06.2011 | 06:12
NAME: WORSAW | WEB: vampirefreaks.com/worsaw


Thanks to him for doing an awesome job with the mastering of the first part of my new album. Looking forward to having him master the rest of it soon.

Thanks again,
22.05.2011 | 21:32
NAME: [PRODUCT] | WEB: www.productpdx.com


This has definitely been one of the most professional, and personal working relationship I've had so far in the "industry." Everything came back super quick and super high quality, and your feedback was definitely much appreciated. Overall I am extremely pleased with the hard work and timeliness of the production and you will definitely be getting business from [product] in the future!

thanks again,
18.04.2011 | 09:41
NAME: SUICIDAL ROMANCE / FREAKANGEL | WEB: www.suicidal-romance.com

Hey Jan,

thank You for everything! Great work!
04.03.2011 | 21:46

Jan!!! Vielen Dank fuer die super Zusammenarbeit! Ein Hammer-mastering was du da fuer das
Album und auch fuer die ep hingelegt hast! Ist echt wahnsinn was du aus meinem sound noch
Rausgeholt hast! Die songs klingen doppelt so boese als vorher! Sehr geil,..... Jeder Zeit wieder
X.M.P.! Gruss Tim
19.01.2011 | 00:27
NAME: DISTORTED MEMORY | WEB: www.distortedmemory.com

Jan, you did a fantastic job! rescuing tracks that I at one point thought I would need to scrap after the working files had been lost. I am very impressed with the over all sound of the mastering and even more impressed with your punctuality, patience, and quick email replies.

i already know you'll be doing the next release.

18.01.2011 | 21:09
NAME: ANTHRACITIC MOTHS | WEB: www.myspace.com/anthraciticmoths

Jan, vielen Dank fuer Mastering, wir freuen uns sehr!
12.01.2011 | 18:21
NAME: CHAINREACTOR | WEB: www.myspace.com/chainreactorxxx

Hi Jan,

das war wiedermal XMP at it´s best! Note 1!
Setzen und weitermachen :)

Besten Gruß
02.12.2010 | 18:39

Hey Jan,

It's always a pleasure to work with you and the results are always awesome. I really appreciate the night sessions when schedules get tight.


Thomas Rainer
25.11.2010 | 15:24
NAME: INCUBITE | WEB: myspace.com/incubite

Ich brauche nur 3 Songs zu hören um zu wissen, dass das Gesamtergebnis fabelhaft ist.
Vielen, vielen Dank für dieses großartige, schnelle, penible und zuverlässige Mastering.
X-M-P ist die absolut erste Adresse, wenn es darum geht, aus seinen Tracks soviel wie möglich herauszuholen.

Ich freue mich schon auf's nächste Mal!!

18.10.2010 | 11:01
NAME: VIRTUAL SPACE INDUSTRIAL | WEB: www.myspace.com/virtualspaceindustrial

Still I am impressed by your artistry.
You did really good work for VSI.

Greetings... Kanariss
16.10.2010 | 08:45
NAME: DOLLS OF PAIN | WEB: www.myspace.com/dollsofpain

Thank you for your advice, your patience, your speed and especially For the big sound which you have make for our mastering!!;))))
thxxx a lot!!!

09.07.2010 | 16:45
NAME: BLACKCENTR | WEB: www.blackcentr.com

Amazing work...very helpful, professional and has very good communication and turn-around time. Thank you so much for everything...see you for the next album :)

21.05.2010 | 19:07
NAME: STAHLNEBEL & BLACK SELKET | WEB: www.myspace.com/blackselketmusic

Hi Jan,

I want to say Thanks for the great mastering of "Missbraucht"
It sounds delicious and after a few times listening on several equipment the sound feels warm and bright.


Greetings from Holland and Germany
11.05.2010 | 10:34
NAME: BEATI MORTUI | WEB: www.beatimortui.com

Hello Jan!

Huge thanks for the great work on our "Let the Funeral Begin" album and it's mastering for double CD's! The album sounds great and we just got the digipaks out of press. Will send you one piece as soon as possible. :)

Take care & greets from Finland!
Br, Sami // Beati Mortui
29.04.2010 | 12:55
NAME: HYDRA DIVISION V | WEB: www.myspace.com/hydradivisionv

Hello Jan,

Thank you for a great cooperation.
It\'s been a pleasure working with you.
More are about to come soon ..

We wish you all the best.

With respect,
22.03.2010 | 19:22
NAME: BLIND EFFECTS | WEB: www.blindeffects.de

Maximalen Dank für die zügige Arbeit am kaum zu rettenden Albummaterial! :) Wir sind sehr zufrieden, hat wieder mal alles bestens geklappt... Beste Grüße von der Heartland Sound Formation!!!!! ;)
andy / bfx
16.01.2010 | 15:56
NAME: FREAKANGEL | WEB: www.freakangel.org

Hell-o Jan,

thank You very much for the perfect mixing/mastering job!


12.01.2010 | 18:51
NAME: DIGITAL CRASH | WEB: www.myspace.com/digital.crash

Hi Jan

es war mir eine Ehre mit Dir. Eine sehr gute Arbeit hast Du da geleistet. Bin voll zufrieden und werde auch in Zukunft mein Material von Dir mixen and mastern lassen.

Greetz Rico
09.12.2009 | 13:14
NAME: BROM:35 | WEB: www.myspace.com/brom35

Hi Jan

vielen Dank für die tolle Arbeit und die Tipps... und danke das es auch so schnell über die Bühne ging...

beste Grüße
06.12.2009 | 20:25
NAME: DIE BRAUT | WEB: www.myspace.com/diebrautproject

Hallo Jan:

Wir möchten uns für deine coole Arbeit bedanken! Sehr Profesionell und wir sind sehr Glücklich was aus unseren Tracks geworden ist.
Wir hoffen weiterhin mit dir arbeiten zu können.
Liebe Grüsse aus diesem Chile! Cris und Katia, DIE BRAUT
26.11.2009 | 03:50
NAME: C-LEKKTOR | WEB: www.clekktor.com

hey jan
as always is a great pleasure to work with you
you are really the best one
for sure we will work together in a near future
all the best for you
08.09.2009 | 18:01
NAME: EXT!ZE | WEB: www.extize.com

Danke für deine mühe! Nur zu empfehlen !!!

LG Cyb3rell4
21.08.2009 | 00:55
NAME: PHOSGORE | WEB: www.phosgore.de

Hey Jan,

jetzt wirds auch für mich Zeit, mal Danke zu sagen - Domination kommt ja bald raus. Das Ding knallt wirklich derbe :) Vielen Dank auch für Deine Unterstützung per Mail, hat mir gut getan.

Bis zum nächsten Release!


07.08.2009 | 13:58
NAME: [:SITD:] | WEB: www.sitd.de

tach der jan...

vielen dank für die unkomplizierte zusammenarbeit! sind mehr als zufrieden mit dem ergebnis! jederzeit wieder!

hoffe bis bald dann wieder!
04.08.2009 | 19:02
NAME: DEATH OF SELF | WEB: www.death0fself.com

Thanks for the awesome work Jan! Looking forward to working with you in the future.

16.06.2009 | 22:25
NAME: TYSKE LUDDER | WEB: www.tyske-ludder.com

hai jan,
eine genial gemasterte scheibe können wir nun unser eigen nennen, fetter sound mein freund, auf die nächste scheibe...
danke dafür, albert/tl
16.06.2009 | 17:33
NAME: TYSKE LUDDER | WEB: www.tyske-ludder.com

hysen jan,

super job haste da gemacht! die ludder-bande ist mega zufrieden und stolz, so muss ein produkt veredelt werden. auf jeden fall auf ein nächstes mal.

26.05.2009 | 19:38
NAME: CONCRETE/RAGE | WEB: concreteragemusic.com

hi jan,
fettes mastering, gerne wieder. hast das letzte aus der scheibe rausgeholt, geil!
06.05.2009 | 15:50
NAME: AADF | WEB: www.myspace.com/aadfsound

hi Jan !
Danke für die super Arbeit an unseren Tracks. Super sauber vom Klang und knallt trotzdem wie Hölle ;) Wir kommen wieder auf dich zurück.
gruß Chris u. Ric
26.04.2009 | 20:17
NAME: BLIND EFFECTS | WEB: www.myspace.com/blindeffects

hallo jan, vielen dank die super schnelle arbeit. wir haben auf jeden fall viel spaß mit den songs. also vielen vielen dank und bis zum nächsten mal..

die blinden

09.04.2009 | 18:49
NAME: CHAINREACTOR | WEB: www.myspace.com/chainreactorxxx

Hi Jan!

Danke für die hervorragende Arbeit. Hätte nie gedacht, das man aus dem Material noch so viel raus holen kann! Kann und werde dich natürlich weiterempfehlen und beim nächsten mal auch wieder auf dich zurück kommen.

Danke nochmal

Gruß Jens
09.04.2009 | 11:30
NAME: BEATI MORTUI | WEB: www.beatimortui.com

Huge thanks Jan for the excellent mastering job done!!! We'll definately be working together in the future. Highly recommended !

Greetz from Hellsinki,
Sami / Beati Mortui
27.03.2009 | 22:30
NAME: PREMEDITATED LIGHT | WEB: www.myspace.com/premeditatedlight

Jan, thank you for the incredible mastering job, i am very pleased!!!!!

Kevin/Premeditated Light
12.03.2009 | 20:03
NAME: CENTHRON | WEB: www.centhron.de

Hey Jan,

ich bin wie immer höchst zufrieden mit dem, was Du da mit meinen Songs angestellt hast!!! Der rote Stern wird jeden Club abbrennen lassen! ;-)
05.03.2009 | 14:06
NAME: MECHANICAL MOTH | WEB: www.mechanicalmoth.de


dein Frequenzgang ist der Gang zum Himmel!

danke fürs mastern der "the sad machina" und "rebirth". Sehr gelungen!
09.02.2009 | 17:57
NAME: SUICIDE COMMANDO | WEB: www.suicidecommando.be

Hey Jan,

Just dropping by to say hello and thanks for your splendid mixing and mastering work in the past, present and for sure also in the future !

Greetings from hell,

Johan aka suicide commando.
05.02.2009 | 22:02
NAME: BRAIN INFECT | WEB: www.myspace.com/braininfectmusic

nochmals vielen dank für das meistern der besonderen herausforderung ;))
ich bin sehr zufrieden !
das nächste mal auf jeden fall wieder x-m-p .
viele grüsse....

26.01.2009 | 11:56
NAME: LARVA | WEB: www.larvas.net

Great work my friend!
Our next releases will be with your mastering, without any doubt.

22.01.2009 | 19:00
NAME: [X] - RX | WEB: myspace.com/xrxindustrial

danke für das endgeile mastern :)

hat mal wider alles super geklappt trotz meiner verpeiltheit ^^

22.01.2009 | 07:28

15.01.2009 | 19:49
NAME: NUCLEARX | WEB: myspace.com/xnuclearx

Hallo Jan,

die Arbeit mit Dir zusammen hat Spass gemacht. Perfekte Arbeit. Gerne immer wieder.
Weiter so, und mein Album nimmt immer mehr Form an!!

greetz NuclearX
15.01.2009 | 18:15
NAME: F.Y.L. | WEB: www.myspace.com/fifteenyearslater

Hi Jan!!

What can we say?
A real wonderful work.
All you have done in our CD is PERFECT.
Hope to work together again.

Stay in contact.

19.09.2008 | 21:21
NAME: ALTER DER RUINE | WEB: www.myspace.com/alterderruine

Looking forward to another fine master! All the best from ADR!
25.07.2008 | 14:34
NAME: UBERBYTE | WEB: www.vampirefreaks.com/uberbyte

Thanks for the amazing work on our album Jan. You rock utterly :)