// Consultation
Possible recommendations of adjustments to your mixdowns

// Audio import
from CD/DVD, Minidisk

// Equalization and Compression
the most important thing in mixing & mastering

// Soundmatching
so that your tracks will fit together

// Perfecting Stereo Image
without causing disturbing out-of-phase content

// Dynamic Enhancement
improving the final sound of your mastered material

// Harmonic Enhancement
lets your music sound „full and rich“

// Bringing the Level Up
maximize the average level, and bring out small details

// Transparent Limiting
with a minimimum of artefacts

// M/S Mastering
editing the seperated mid and side signal

// Dithering
distortion free conversion

// Declicking
for restorations and remasterings

// Decrackling
for restorations and remasterings

// Dehumming
for restorations and remasterings

// High Resolution Processing
64bit Floating Point

// Editing
fading & rearranging your tracks

// Preparing for Internet
high quality mp3s

// PQ Sheets for the replication factory
includes track numbers, times, names, EAN and ISRC-codes

// Enhanced CD`s
Audio-CD + video file for example

// DDP-Format Master-CDs
Disk Description Protocol

// CD-text
Information about song / band names written on CD

// Test masterings
so you´ll hear what you`ll get after the mastering process